Could someone tell me what o/s the Itouch uses

Mac OS X.  You can even ssh into it and do stuff.

That’s the OS running ON the iTouch.  Is that what you meant?  Or do you mean can you connect to with Windows?  Yeah, you can.  The iTouch itself is running Mac OS X, though.

Thank you  So would I be able to connect it to a PC and download stuff from it ???

Yeah, it’s just like a regular iPod in that respect.  It does a lot more than the iPod, though, 'cause you can install a bunch of different programs ON the iPod touch.

So I want a toy for christmas  Do you recommend it  I know Astro would

I’ve seen a couple, they’re pretty neat.

Basically an iPhone, but take away the phone, bluetooth, camera, speakers, microphone. 

Hey thanks for the info