Hey astro  is your Itouch still going strong ????

yes it still works great, thanks why ?

Just wondering christmas coming could be asking Santa for one  but did I hear you say something about unlocking it ???

ya easy to do my friend, will help ya do it when u get it… i would realy look at the iphone though… realy it has a camera, video i think right MiG? plus in a month or so it should work if u hack it…

hhmmmm ok thanks for the info

thanks Jason very cool. I hope the prices come down a bit seems a nbit expensive.

Isnt that like twice the price  ????

Yeah i agree, however those who want it will pay it, and 600$ isnt really that much, If you think about it, a 16gig itouch is $449.99 so add the phone part for 200$ish.

The blackberry like mine is about 589$ brand new with out contract etc etc, so it all depends.

Just get one from the US.  $399 for the iPod.

How much is the latest motorola razr?  I think it’s at the Source for like $600 without a contract.

Yeah, its around that, i just stopped in and looked, EKKS!!

that the iphone MiG for 399.00


Sorry, yeah, I meant iPhone for $399. 

If you think that’s expensive, compare it to the RAZR, which is usually a few hundred more.

If you can, drive to the US, or have some American buy one for you, or buy one on ebay :wink:

Thanks MiG I’m looking on ebay…

Now you have to get it unlocked.