It’s a farewell for puck bunnies and the jPod generation


It was cancellation week for the CBC, as the nation’s public broadcaster crunched its numbers and decided that some of the current projects currently emanating from our analog and digital televisions just aren’t up to snuff.

First off the gang plank was MVP: The Secret Wives of Hockey Wives, the weekly examination of hockey players and their wives and girlfriends. A show which featured fictional players finding more action off the ice than on, perhaps an explanation as to how the Leafs managed to have such a horrible year again. The cancellation by the CBC marks perhaps the first time in Canadian television history that something tied into hockey has failed to attract an audience.

Though its demise is probably not unexpected, critics had suggested that the steamy prime time soaper wasn’t particularly good and viewers likewise voted with their eyeballs by regularly avoiding the show. The kiss of death seems to be when a show starts bouncing around on the schedule and MVP was moved from its original night and what few fans it had (mostly in the young female demographic) neglected to follow along. At 1.5 million an episode it became a rather expensive bit of eye candy for the puck bunny generation…

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Do you remember the show “He shoots! He scores”?  I think it was more successful because, among other things, it showed a lot more ice action from the players.  I watch MVP once and couldn’t really tell the difference between the show and a daytime soap.  Face it, a show about hockey should target both men and women.  To keep most men interested, you need hockey related action and pretty ladies.  Sounds sexist but that’s the unfortunate reality of our time.


Too bad about “Intelligence” – I watched all the episodes recently.  It was well written stuff.

Speaking of…  I have the series finale of The Wire sitting the AppleTV, unwatched.  I just can’t bring myself to watch it yet.


Yep, I  know what you mean, I think that Movie Central has the last episode set to air tonight on TV, 90 minutes of McNulty trying to figure out how he’s going to get hiself out of the corner he’s painted hiself into…

Last week’s show was great, (well as great as things can be when  people start dropping I guess),  with the Mayor getting set up with his bombast, that will all come unravelling if McNulty is ever found out (which kind of suggests that he won’t be) and the newspaper guy methinks is in  a bit deep now, an ace reporter sniffing around his stories… doesn’t bode well for his career line…

Great show, I’m going to miss it…