ISO: Pet Friendly Rental

Tried all the regular places, figured it was worth a shot.

Quiet Adult 30+ no kids, Full time, long term employed, part time student. No parking needed, Furnished or not furnished either way, 1-2 bedrooms (bachelor if it has its own laundry). Has to have laundry access or come with laundry and it has to be PET FRIENDLY. 10 yr old dog 25 pounds, fixed, shots, kennel trained (in kennel when not home, she has some anxiety so likes to dig when she is in her kennel, so makes a bit of noise for 5-10 minutes after i leave ),no accidents ect ect.

Looking for a house, VERY LONG TERM were talking as long as its a rental 10-20yrs. as im not really interested in buying here, Im the dependable long term person of your dreams. I love my job but it doesnt pay great so need around 650$ if no utilities but might be able to bend for the right placeā€¦ No smoking, no kids,no drinking, nothing illegal, bad habbits are cable and chocolate. I have no issues doing a bit of painting ect ect. I dont drive so Port Ed is not a option. Flexable move in date, as i have a great place now, would just like to have a few other features this place lacks.

Hi, I have a 3 bedroom house in Prince Rupert. I have 2 smaller dogs(8-10 lbs each) so dogs are not an issue at all. I do not smoke at all and drink once or twice a year. You can call me at 250-600-6957 for more information.

Hi, ty for your response. However at this time I am not looking for a shared situation. I appreciate your msg though ty.