Is this your dog?

A friend sent me a text saying she may have a lost dog, spooked by fireworks. I told her I would post this here for her. The dog is about 80 to 100 pounds with a pink collar but no tag. My friend said that the dog is keeping dry in the entrance to the Spirits if Cow Bay. Hopefully somebody out there recognizes her, thanks.

She is reddish in color with a bit of black in her tail and when sitting down has enough fur to look like a younger lion.

Okay, received a few pings from two other web sites and the dog was just now dropped off at the 1500 block of 6th Avenue East. Nobody home but there was a dog bowl outside the place. If anything, it has water until the owners come home.

This poor dog wanders alot - and doesn’t have the best street sense. At least one neighbor has talked to them with no result.

The neighbor should call the SPCA and let them know the dog is wandering as he is at risk and isn’t there a fine for that anyway?. Poor fella, should be better cared for. He is a beauty!

The best thing to do would be call the city, have him picked up by the by-law, and then brought to the SPCA. Then the owner would have to pay fines and hopefully learn their lesson.

Her name is Aero and she lives on 6th Avenue in a yellow (?) house that isn’t seen from the road. We found her wandering this summer too. She is much loved but seems to be neglected and goes looking for company. Is she still there? PM us and we will come pick her up.

Thanks for doing this. The house is below the road and Aero has a yard that she escapes from regularly I believe. Pretty sure it was the 1500 block. She spent a cold wet night in our kennel this summer. She is a beauty and just wants to be walked and brushed. I’d adopt her in a nano-second but already have a house full.

That was very kind of you to take her in but you stated above “she is much loved but seems to be neglected” then I would have to question, when is a neglected dog a loved dog? Thank goodness for you and your compassion or she could be in very dire straits. Keep us posted if you were able to get her, not a nice day to be out roaming!

she was roaming along the street above her house late this morning.

So the poor thing has been out all night then after she was taken back to this house? Do the owners bother with this poor dog? Makes me so mad! You have a dog for a reason people, wise up or give her to someone who will look after her!!