Is THIS what you support from your MP?

Junk mail from an MP in another province attacking your elected representative with misinformation a day late and a dollar short?
1960 era mimeographed handouts clogging your mailbox, pushing Conservative Party ideology like some underground samisdat subsidized with tax dollars by rednecks so stuck on knee-jerk issues they can’t even see their own abuse of Parliamentary mailing privileges.
FYI Nathan Cullen voted to abolish the registry yesterday. He did support it in one vote years ago in order to obtain support on issues more important.
What do I expect from my MP, Blaine Calkins MP from Wetaskawin Alberta?
Common sense, the truth, and and hard work for issues that actually matter. No deflecting any actual discussion of issues with a New Crime Bill announcement every 24 hours and ad hominem attacks on others.

yep it is junk from the mp it might even cross the line on using MP’s mailing privileges for this looks like to be Advertising for the party which is against the House of Commons Rules, personnally i always write on it Return to Sender and say what is on my mind to them

Whatever happend to Inky Mark? I miss that Conservative Manitoba MP’s anti-injection site mailings. Good memories.

if you want to email to the ethics commissioner about it here is the addy

hell if enough of us do this maybe LOL they will stop sending those flyers