Is this webpage visible?

I can’t find anyone home (all at the race today) on Telus to check for me. This page doesn’t work if I try from one of our pipes that’s Telus based.
Anyone NOT see the page? it’s just up temporary

Works fine here, but I’m not on Telus.

thx MiG. Tracked down a Telus user says it’s ok too.
Now I can move the real servers…

What kind of move are you making?

Hey, I heard on CBC Radio earlier this week that their transmission tower in Fort St. James was damaged during a storm?

Did your stuff survive?

Yeah their site on Mt. Nielsp on my side of the lake lost power when lines came down in the windstorm. One of our transmitters is in the adjacent TV Society rebroadcast shed and about 40 people lost their wireless net for about 24 hrs. They all had to use their dialup thru phone concentrator backups (26,400 !) for most of the day. Came back when they repowered about 4:00.
Moving my mail and webservers onto the BRAND circuit, so customers in Tache and rural areas don’t cost me traffic just geting the start page and mail. $3.50 a Gig on the other pipe.
Been trying to set a dual gateway so older wireless customers aren’t on the new pipe, it was one of the conditions. Too hard, I’m just going to cancel service to the 4 or 5 older subs. They can reapply as ‘new’ customers in a month.