Is there no shame?

Just before cruise ship season last year when these flags were about a third gone, I thought they’d be replaced. Obviously I was wrong. Does anyone else think this is shameful?


theres a lady down south that goes around and makes sure flag are replaced when needed , maybe we should call her

It appears we have no sense of pride but then look around town .    Case closed  :angry:

Not that it should matter, but does anyone know who owns those flags?  Are they city owned?  Privately owned?  If we knew that then maybe we could try and motivate whoever owns them to update them.

Let us not forget everything which is an eye sore in just the downtown area especially the ex Inlander hotel all the holes that look like bombs hit plus all of the empty stores. I think city council members who walked the streets before their election should get out once more and take a real good look around them. I do not blame them for these sites because most of it happened during the Pond watch, well the empty store fronts did for sure in those eight years when he was screaming to the world of the boom.

That looks like the Yacht Club.  I heard a story a few years ago about a local war veteran who was so disgusted by the condition of the Canadian flag at the Yacht Club that he went out and got a new one and brought it down to them to put up.  The winter winds and rain can wreak havoc on flags around here but then perhaps the flags should be taken down completely during the winter.  It’s a disgrace and a slap in the face to those who have died to preserve that flag.

They’re just flags. People don’t die to preserve flags.

No, they died to preserve your right to make the kind of statement above.

Shouldn’t we show honour to them?

The flag is symbolic of everything this country stands for…that’s what people die for.

Sadly, there are a lot of sources of free flags.  If the owners of the flags made the effort (ie: one or two e-mails), then I’d bet they could get free replacements. 

But I’m also willing to bet that money isn’t the reason they haven’t been replaced. 


Soggy, you are absolutely right this is outright shameful plain and simple. I am going to send the pic to a relative and friend of mine who is an executive member of the yacht club who I’m very sure will do something about it. But one would think this would be done without outside intervention like this? By military and maritime standards, flags are required to be taken down at sunset and put back up at sunrise, if this convention was being followed I would hope flags as haggerd as this would never be displayed. I fly the Canadian flag on my sundeck and always replace it long before it looks as bad as this.

Flags in the military are actually raised at 8am everyday and not when ever sunrise occurs that day. But hopefully you’ll be able to get this problem fixed by informing your friend because I serve under our flag and it really bugs me seeing people disrespect it.


Thousands of Canadians have died to preserve what that flag symbolizes.  If Hitler had his way we’d be waving a swastica and not a Maple Leaf.

And so a reasonable thread about some flags comes to quick end.

Thank you Godwin.’s_law