Is there a group?

I am finding it difficult to make friends in town. I don’t do the bar thing, nor do i do the gym route. I am partially disabled and would like to know if there is a crafting group of some kind. I used to love doing ceramics but i don’t think they have that here. I used to bead but the bead store shut down. I am a woman, early 50’s…perhaps there are others out there. Most of what i have found seems to be geared towards the retired. If you know of something that isn’t really physical can you let me know. Thanks!

There’s always bingo at Chances. :smiley:

Do you like to knit or crochet? If so, in the fall we will start meeting once a week again.

There’s a quilting guild if you’re interested in sewing and quilts.

Islandgirl…i don’t knit or crochet but I would love to learn, especially now i have a grandbaby. Is it possible that one of the members of your group teaches newbies? Sounds like a good start to me to finding friends.

Shawna kontzie holds a scrapbooking cnite every once in a while, you can find her on facebook by seaching “prince rupert lasting memories scarpbooking”

roja I sent you a pm on where to get more information. Newbies are more than welcome just bring either a hook for crochet or needles for knitting and a ball of yarn.