Is the North Coast ready to rumble?

“And in this corner, entering the political ring from the left side of equation, the Pride of School District 52, your MLA for the North Coast, bain of existence for BC Ferries President David Hahn the undisputed champion of the last BC Election, wearing the Orange trunks with the subtle green trim, Battlin’ Gary Coons… Coons… Coons”

“His opponent in this heavyweight championship bout, coming through the ropes from the right side of our arena, hailing from the hardscrabble foundry of Prince Rupert civic politics, battle tested in numerous preliminary matches on Prince Rupert city council, the challenger, wearing the Red, White and Blue trunks, Hammerin’ Herb Pond… Pond… Pond…”

The most anticipated political showdown in recent North Coast history is officially underway as the North Coast NDP formally announced what had always been expected, that Gary Coons will carry the NDP flag in the May provincial election.

(from  the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire article … 2584384284 )-

Yup, Herbies out of a job,again.