Is it true?

Rumour has it that Green Party signs not on private property have been removed after a complaint by a competing party that that the signs were non-compliant with the Elections Act. Is this true?

I don’t know if it is true or not about the “non-compliance” part…but all of their signs were being removed on the weekend.

I saw Hondo Arendt driving around taking all of them down, the ones posted on public property.

Heard the same rumor …still lots of signs on private property tonight…NDP was looking to shut them down!

Really NDP was try to shut down Green Party … tired of the election stuff almost over, sometimes one does have to wonder…

Of course they would try to do anything can to suppress the Green vote in this riding…thats a grimey move if I ever saw one.

if the signs were being removed because they were told to that means they were on property they shouldn’t be on, there are rules about where you can put signs on public property as to whom ratted them out maybe someone can phone the green party and find out

I don’t think that was the issue, as many Green Party signs were placed next or very near the existing BC NDP and BC Liberals sign…if sign placement was the issue, then why do the BCL and BCNDP get to keep their signs?

Not only that, but EVERY Green Party sign in town was removed (unless on private property)…this wasn’t specific to a few signs.

I think this had more to do with some of the signs being old or being re-used and perhaps the older ones not conforming to the new elections act rules in regards to signage…that is just a guess though.

The Green Party signs were taken down because they didn’t display the name of Hondo’s financial agent. It was the local NDP who reported this to Elections BC.
Another reason for me to have voted Green and not NDP this time.

So you are saying you would vote for someone who doesn’t follow the same rules as everyone else?

If indeed the signs did not meet the requirements - fair game. But then Christy’s and Adrian’s attempts to push the limits of the law were fair game too.

It would have been helpful if the Rice campaign had gone public with why they made the complaint (if it was the NDP) - to avoid speculation.

Unhappily politics in this province continues to deteriorate into a back-biting, reputation manipulating, truth bending free for all.

(Although there are going to be people who recoil in horror at the suggestion - the content of mainstream media does indicate what people find entertaining: intelligent discussion is not a big seller on the networks). Politics no longer appears to be an exchange of ideas - but an unprincipled grab for power…at the taxpayers expense.