Is Google Pulling out?

        It seems as though China’s sensorship stronghold on Google is coming to an end as it has been ‘strongly rumored’ that there will be an announcement next month regarding the relationship between the search engine giant and the Chinese gov’t.

        This story is not new, but recently the talks have come to crawl. The governments ideology of “guiding the Chinese people through information access” is one of many stumbling blocks that are being discussed.

i can’t even remember why this is a issue with google, whats the issue again ?

China blocks access to site that it believes contradicts their idea of freedom: … ter-riots/ … bea85d451e

However: … sites.html

Don’t know how well this works though.

hasn’t anyone told them that pulling out just doesn’t work?

It’s in reaction to the revelation that Chinese government hackers allegedly broke into Google computers (and a bunch of computer belonging to other computers as well).

Personally, I think Google’s wanted an excuse to leave China for a long time now, and this latest break-in is a perfect reason. … cyber.html

Why would they stay when they can’t compete with local web sites such as Baidu and Tudou that most Chinese “netizens” use?

And BTW, isn’t this ironic when Google cries about Chinese Gmail hackers when all along they’ve been screwing people’s privacy worldwide on a daily basis.