Is council inhaling too much of the weed that you smell around town?

this is either an early April First joke or the council is high, 200,000 for a toilet and 30,000 a year for maintenance?

Yes lol,I don’t get the need for this.

same one in Van will cost with installation over $650,000

I think the one they want to put in Terrace costs more than the one that they want to put here in Rupert.

I mean I guess it may be an okay idea,I presume the janitorial on them would be quite extensive .Pretty sure though that they should wait till covid dies down.I really wish the city would concentrate more on getting building owners to spruce up the front of there businesses more and either get that Old Empress torn down or fixed up.

And you’re right, the pot smell in front of the old RCMP building is baaad.

funny thing is i went to the city’s website to see if i can email council about that but guess what, you can’t email council just the departments

You can email them, they’re all posted on the city’s website right here:

I was going to phone the RCMP lol and maybe the city, it’s not the first time that building had a grow show in it maybe this time it’s legal.Im not a prude, if someone loves to smoke it in there own home that’s fine.I just seem irritated by its smell .I do use the oil on occasion for sleep.

it is a legal grow op that the city does not want the public to know about there are 2 others in downtown Rupert as well

this week council highlites the city talked about the smell and said it was out of their hands since it is a federal responsibility, and then they added we the citizens should contact our local MP about it, I have a better thought, how about council write an official letter to the federal department responsible and complain about it, just like in the lower mainland a few years ago about the marijuana smells coming from farmland