Is all this serious? should i take all this seriusly?

should i really take this website seriously? i mean who really is left in rupert? i mean every week i run into atleast one person from rupert who just moved here, being vancity, i mean seriously, fuuukk. hahahah, no love no love. and how long until the container port suposed to be built?

There are tons of people still here. Looks like we’re less an idiot. Darn.

Actually there isnt.

given, even a conservative estimate of the population of prince rupert as around 10k people, at an average of 85.45 kg/ person (winter weight), there are about 854,500 pounds of human in rupert. or, 942 tons.

id imagine that your experience of meeting lots of people from rupert in the lower mainland area has a lot to do with your demographic, but yes, rupert is getting smaller in population (although i’d imagine that this is having an upward creep on the average mass of a rupertite).

word on the container port is… they are starting demolition in march.

Also just want to say by you creating this thread you are showing your gay side.

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Wooooahhhh… The Traskinator is trolling.

When the servers go down, the world gets boring.

The 2004 population of Prince Rupert is 15,264.

Three months twos weeks I’ve lived here, it’s not too bad. I’ve run into 3-4 other ppl new to town… Winter kinda sucks for meeting ppl, I imagine the summers will be good tho. I thought this place would be more touristy since they are cruise ships coming into town now, they’re gunna have to plant a lot of flowers to pretty the place up. And maybe force some of the really scummy restaurants to clean up. And whats with all the industrial buildings right beside cowbay?


The 2004 population of Prince Rupert is 15,264.[/quote]

That’s by metropolitan area, which includes Port Ed, Metlakatla, and a few other surrounding villiages. The actual population of Kaien Island… would be closer to 10 thousand.

Kind of interesting if you look at the developing metroploitan areas vs those that aren’t. It’s almost suprising to see Prince Rupert have a the largest % of decrease in pop. over the past ~4 years, with Petawawa, Ontario being next with a decrease of 3.9%. I figure Kelowna seems like it’s gorowing fairly rapidly, and the stats show it to be one of the quickest growing cities in BC, next to Vancouver and Squamish… Squamish?

What was Rupert’s percentage of pop. decrease?

And can you post a link to your sources, Goose?

squamish. halfway between vancouver and whistler. you do the math.

tons of people?? suprising. and people moving to rupert? from my hexperience meeting people who move to rupert move a year later. the point i was making was i keep running into people, the people who mattered in rupert who seem to live down here or in victoria. and the population of prince rupert being 15000some what, decline over the years obviously, the other point i was making, also addmit it yourselfs, you all wish to leave rupert!

I don’t wish to live anywhere else but Rupert. Everywhere I’ve gone has been a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

And for some reason you want to come back so bad, you found a Rupert forum to post on!

Sure thing, especially if dennyakatunez is who I think he is!