Well we just got one of these … age=family

Not new I know,  but how awesome.  I have read that it is open source so can add some hacks to it.  Anyone done this yet?

Ahh the roomba

dident you used to have one of those mig?

Yeah, already been through two different batteries on it.

Thread from 4 years ago, but the video is gone: … 855.0.html

ive always wanted one but thought they were pricey . is it worth it ? they have a shampooer too i seen

Still undecided,  having issues with it takining hours to do a job i can do in less than one.  However it is meant to work while your at worl etc…  Does do the job though.

Works great, but keep wires off the floor.  The battery eventually dies, but is easily replaced.  I’m on my second battery now, and it just died.  But I’ve had it a long time. 

Turn it on before you leave the house.  Then it’s a game to try and find it when you get back.

Mine must be really good,  it docks its self when its tired.  darn, no hide and seek for me.