Iron Man?

Anyone else going to see this? We hit the theater last night and man, that was the best super-hero flick I’ve seen in ages. I’m so not a fan of the Spiderman/Batman series, too much brooding or angst but this movie was clever, funny and not so over-the-top with the bad guys that it turned me off like some of the recent Marvel/DC adaptations. I’ll admit to some major  :unamused: when I heard a while back that Robert Downey Jr. got cast in the lead but turns out that Jon Favreau is crazy like a fox because turns out that his dude makes for a perfect Tony Stark and I was never even a big fan of the comic when I used to collect them!

Anyhow, it was fun. Since wild horses couldn’t drag me to see the Hulk remake this summer, this was my perfect popcorn movie to start the season off.  :smiley: :wink:

I love Iron Man, I’ve read plenty of his comics. I’m pumped to see it. =D

It sounds, good Saffron!  I will definitely see it:-)

Similarities with Batman?

Awesome movie. I went and saw it today. Do yourselves a favor and sit all the way through the credits though. There is a scene with Samuel L Jackson after the credits.

“Iron Man”'s true revelation is leading man Robert Downey, Jr., who may not be giving the greatest superhero performance ever, but is certainly the best actor to ever portray a superhero. :smile:

I hate when they do this!!! It’s not a favor!

Let me save you time and that almost embarrassed feeling you have when you sit there and everyone is walking by looking at you like you’re some freak who needs to read every line of the credits, just so you can feel a little better about yourself because you’re one of the few who saw 15 seconds of extra material: