Ipod tunes transfer help

so here i am, lame as hell at computers, and trying to get my tunes from my ipod to my computer, so i can add and delete some, then re upload.  clearly i didn’t buy these tunes from itunes so it’s presenting me with a problem.  Mig gave me this link to try and find a free program tinyurl.com/8e935p but they kept asking me for money after i unstalled and went to use them

does anybody know where i can get a good program that runs without a credit card?  or is there one on that site Mig gave me that i’m just not catching on to?  I apologize in advance for my ignorance on this, what can i say, i work in the oilpatch. 


My problem is that I’ve never done this on Windows, only on a Mac.

But this one looks promising:  yamipod.com/main/modules/home/  and it’s free.

thanks Mig, that one was promising, but same old story, once you install and use the program it gives you a trial run of 40 tunes, then puts the hand out

i might be resigned to buying one of these programs, but the internet pirate in me hates the idea.


thanks Chris, but i got shanghaied on that one too. 

i’ll put my pride in my pocket and head to future shop tomorrow and pay the bastards

My technical support person (aka, “Son”) steered me in the direction of “PodUtil”. I have it sitting on the desk-top, it’s freeware and I’ll be using it soon, when I have some time to try and fix all the files that got screwed up during our move here.