iPod Touch television ad

So this is neat. 

This 18-year-old student in the UK liked his iPod Touch so much that he made a commercial for it and posted it on youtube. 

The music is from a Brasilian band named ‘Cansei De Ser Sexy’ (Portuguese for ‘tired of being sexy’) – aka CSS.  The song is called “Music is My Hot, Hot Sex.”  I think I see a theme here :wink:

An Apple employee saw it on youtube and bought it from the kid.  Apple cleaned it up a bit, and it’s the current commercial you see on TV for the iPod Touch:  apple.com/ipodtouch/ads/

Pretty cool to be the kid who made the video!

Here’s the full New York Times article on the video from a few weeks ago:

nytimes.com/2007/10/26/busin … leweb.html

Heh, they even included his photos in the TV ad:

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]