iPod or Nano?

I want to buy an iPod or an iPod Nano for my 12 years old daughter.  She likes both, thinks that the nano looks cool but is small, while the iPod is a bit too big (I know, I know, but she’s 12!!!).  She has a 1st gen. iPod Shuffle which will become a hand-me-down for her younger brother (I’m third in line!)
The video and games capability of the iPod is interesting.  So is the huge memory.  The cool factor of the Nano is superior.  Can’t make up my mind.  Any comments?

I like the capacity of the fullsize iPod, but my brother has a Nano, and says that you can’t compete with the pocketability of it.

I guess that’s really no help, and pretty much exactly what you said to begin with :wink:

I have a Nano and it’s super portable.  The only reason I didn’t go for the fullsize was that it was still a little too big to fit in a pocket, and the Nano just looked cooler.

Chances are your daughter won’t even get close to filling up a Nano, so buying a full size iPod might just end up with a lot of wasted space.

Just make sure you get a silicone cover with a plexi screen… they work wonders.  I was soooo scared of scratching the body, and smudging crap on the screen of my Nano before I got a cover, but now that I have one, it’s a huge load off my mind and I tend to just stuff it in my backpack or pocket and go.

While they can both do podcasts and hold photos, the full-sized iPod can also do video podcasts and TV shows.

If it’s just for music, go for the Nano.  If she’s into video podcasts (man, there are so many now!) and TV shows and movies, go for the full-sized one.

I have the 4GB Nano and I must say that after awhile you realize that the bigger 30GB would have been a better choice for with some pods and music that thing fills up pretty fast and look at the bright side if you get the bigger brother to the nano, after it goes through the hand me down cycle, you’d have a decent ipod in your hands…

I have a 3 year old Green Ipod Mini. Runs Perfect still. It’s only a 4GIG but it works slick. Next is to buy a white ipod video.

Well, I got it today.  iPod Nano, 4gb, Red.  With personalised laser engraving on the back.  A little thing of beauty!  Pretty fast delivery too:  4 business days during prime Christmas shopping time.
Now I need to buy some accessories.  Smartass, what was that thing you were talking about?  Can you find a link to  a picture?



One iPod Mini - Silver 4GB

Mostly never used on account of never being needed.

2 years left on the **Extended Warranty!**Â :astonished:

If you would like to see it you can talk to my Moms…

This is the “tough” case.  I also have an “original” case that is much thinner and doesn’t have the grippy edges on the sides so I haven’t tried it yet.

http://www.zcover.com is where I ordered mine from.  Best thing is, it’s totally functional in the case, has a plexi screen cover, and the click-wheel and hold button can be used without taking it out of the case as well.  It’s so freakin durable… I’ve dropped my nano a few times now and it hasn’t got a scratch or stopped working yet :smiley:

Does it come filled with your polka favorites?

I went with the 30 gig ipod video… its already mostly full… 20 gigs of music and a full season of futurama.

Thanks for the idea BT, in consultation with my wife I’m buying the same iPod Nano as you bought for your daughter.  I ordered it Dec 16 and this morning Dec 17 received an email that it had already been shipped.  The ETA is Dec 21…so it would be cool if it came on time, but okay if it doesn’t as she knows that it’s on its way.  I’ve had pretty good luck with online shopping this Christmas.  I really liked the online toy store at chapters.ca - seems to be free shipping on even small orders (my last one was under $30.00 and it was shipped free).