iPod found

My daughter found an iPod this afternoon.
The rightful owner can identify it on this thread ( iPod type, colour, GB, headphone colour, area lost etc.) and leave a phone number.

Good to hear, jees! 
I suggest perhaps they could send you a PM with their contact information/ipod description rather than posting it directly in the thread?

nkice to see theres still honest people out there

It’s very unlikely that the person who lost it happens to be a member of these forums. Perhaps turn it into the RCMP.

You’re right, but I assume that at least a few members of this forum don’t spend all their time in front of a computer and actually use other means of communication i. e. talk to people they know.

Bump.  Thanks for reporting this, jees.  :-)

Hi Unfortunatly turning it into the RCMP probaly isn’t your best choice. Last Spring my husband and I went for a walk downtown. Near the movie theatre I spotted a cloth bag on the ground. I looked around nobody seemed to to looking for something, so I picked it up and opened it. Inside were 3 gameboys and games. Knowing some child would be upset over losing it, we brought it to the RCMP. I gave them my information as they told me that if noboby claimed it within a month it was mine. I was hoping it got claimed but excited maybe all of my kids would now have a gameboy. After a month I went down to the RCMP and requested what had happened to my find. I had the file # so it was easy to look up. The officer told me to come back when the original reporting officer was on. I did. He told me that the owner never came forward but the RCMP changed their policy and they would keep whatever is not claimed to be sold in an auction. I call B.S. I have yet to hear of any RCMP auctions only city and I would suggest next time placing an ad in one of the local papers and holding onto the item yourself.

There are auctions in other cities a couple times a year that sell things recovered by the RCMP,  but I have no idea if Rupert is one of them.

  That is too bad as the RCMP used to donate many of the unclaimed items to the SPCA for the garage sales and those items sold very well… :confused:

Nobody has claimed the iPod yet, although I had several inquiries on it. I’ll wait a bit longer…

yeah actully  i lost one says tye black ipod?