iPod Album Art

I can’t figure this out… Apparently, I’m supposed to be able to go to a website like amazon.com and find my cover art, and copy and past the image into iTunes, this embedding the art to my mp3’s ID3 tags, so that they appear on my iPod… Well, the album art in iTunes works great, infact I have no problem there at all, but NO art is showing up on the iPod itself. Others have said they use the same copy.paste method I do, and it works. Hell, iTunes even resizes it for their iPod…

No luck at my end. I’ve even disabled and re-enabled the ‘ipod album art option’ through iTunes.

Please help me!

Album art that displays on your iPod display?

That actually sounds pretty… useless?

When is album art of any usefulness ever?

Hmm… I’m pretty sure one of us just got served.


Hah, nice.

So yeah, I guess it kinda works now… 3 out of 7 albums are not showing art though… All images from the same source, imported the same way… I don’t get it. Anyway, album art is overrated. I’m going to bed.