iPod again

Ok so I bought the digital camera… and now I really want the iPod. Since there is an iPod photo out now, I’m seriously thinking of getting one, not really for the photo capabilities, but because it can store 30GB of stuff, and it has a colour screen.

The 30GB iPod Photo is going for $439.99, whereas the 20GB iPod is $379.99.

Has anyone heard anything bad about the iPod photo?

Also, how much does a Firewire or USB 2.0 card cost and how easy are they to put in?

The card is probably cheap, but I dunno if PCI supports it. If so, you maybneed extra support from your power supply. I dunno tho, came stock on my system.

And regarding iPod photo, I havn’t heard of anything really bad that came with the iPod name for a while.

You’ll be looking at $40 or less for a firewire or USB 2.0 PCI card. Installation is easy.

I have this one I think

If you run win xp just plug the card into the empty pci slot it should detect it no problem : O )

I saw a mac mini yesterday after playing with that i headed over to the ipod’s and was surprised of the picture quality of the ipod Photo. There nice. You will love your new toy…

KAO, you might want to check the battery life on the photo model. I don’t know if it differs from the other models, I just find battery life to be the biggest flaw with my 3rd Gen 20GB model. Oh, and buy an iSkin. They sent me an email advertising the large size 4th Gen covers (30 & 40GB) for 50% off.

Battery life is going to be a definate factor in the model I choose. I’m sick and tired of using 2 sets of batteries a day to listen to my Nomad for 3 hours or so.

My 4th gen 20 gig ipod easily lasts 6-8 hours and i know this cause a couple of times i forgot to turn it off and it was in my glove compartment

ask yourself this though do you need a color screen for playing music

The colour screen is for the photos, previewing and stuff.

I don’t need a colour screen for music… It would just be something cool to have. I like the extra 10GB for only $60 more though.