IPhone lost contact mssg

Went to Prince George for Christmas, and kept getting these warnings that I’d left my iPhone at Costco or at the address of the motel I stayed at.
It was in my pocket every time… it’s linked with my iPad and bluetoothed to the car.
Never got these before, did I butt change a setting or something?

Do you have more than one phone on your iCloud account?

Were the warnings on your iPhone or another device?

They were on the phone. The only one. I have iCloud on the iPad, but I’ve left that at home many times when I travelled, but this trip it was in my travel bag in the car or in the same room as me and my phone.

What’s happening is that the iPhone hasn’t really updated its location. This can happen because of a flaky internet connection or something. Then it freaks out because you’ve left one of your devices behind.

You can go into the “find my” app, and the devices tab, and on your iPhone, tell it to not notify you.