iPhone Coming to Canada

Apples Iphone, a new and improved version is going to be available in Canada July 11.

cbc.ca/technology/story/2008 … ml?ref=rss

Apparently its cheaper than previous versions too!  :laughing:

Yup, $199 for the 8gig model.

Downside is that you need to sign a 3-year contract with Rogers if you just walk into a store and buy it.  And no word on the price of the data plan for Rogers yet.

Personally, I’d rather just use a Speakout pay-as-you-go SIM with it.

Speaking of… the woman at 7-11 in Rupert said she ordered a bunch of Speakout phones and they should be in soon.  Right now they’re having a deal where you get $25 off any phone with an airtime purchase, but in August they’ll have a deal where you get a free phone with $100 airtime purchase.

Cool stuff. I wonder if we’ll be able to get our hands on an Iphone to use the Speakout sims in and how much we’ll have to pay for one?

Is Speakout pay-as-you-go voice only, or data services as well?

Yeah, Speakout does voice and SMS stuff, but no EDGE or 3G web surfing stuff.

Still, we have to wait and see what the Rogers plan will look like.  If it’s like the current AT&T plan, then it’s a bargain and Rogers will clean up the Canadian market – $60/month for a bunch of minutes (with roll over) and unlimited data.  But I doubt Rogers would do such a deal, 'cause they make way too much money off the overpriced data plans they currently have.  And the idea of being stuck in a contract is just crappy.

Fido’s supposed to carry the iPhone too, perhaps they might have a better plan.  Once upon a time, Fido had an unlimited data plan for a reasonable amount, but I can’t find it now.

Still, if I get my hands on an iPhone 2.0, then I’ll just swap my existing Speakout SIM into it.  Even if it’s locked, it should work just fine, because Speakout SIMs appear as Rogers SIMs to the phone. 

I’m gonna do an iPhone / iPod touch version of HTMF soon, I think :wink:

Meanwhile, someone should tell Rogers that their secret is out.  Clueless.

This is on their website (followed by a screenshot of the Apple store):

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That’s a very phalic looking add… Speaking of e-peens in another thread I wonder if Rogers has one.

I was thinking it was 2001-ish.  Which is also kinda lame, because, you know, it’s um… 2008 now.