iPhone backup.... freezes every time

So I’ve been trying to update my iPhone for well over a week now, and everytime, I get to the same point, and give up.

I turn on iTunes, hook up the phone, iTunes recognises the phone, asks if I want to do an update to the new iOS, I click yes, it extracts the software I have already downloaded, and goes to “backing up your iPhone” and then stays on that screen with the scrolling bar, for as long as I let it. I’ve had it sit on that screen for more than 2 hours at a time, and nothing happens. iTunes has frozen, and other times, the program keeps running, and it will shut down if I ask it to, but it doesn’t back up anything at all.

I have also tried to sync the iPhone, and the same thing happens… it freezes on the backup. The last successful backup that completed was back in May, and I have since deleted that backup in iTunes, (as I had read on theiphoneguru.net) incase that was a problem, but nothing has helped.

Is there something else I can try? Can I see somehow if it’s the computer having issues, or if it’s iTunes itself, or the phone?

dude just call I.T. and see what they say

Try another computer first, to see if it’s your computer or if it’s the phone.

If it’s the phone, try doing a restore in iTunes.