iPhone 4

so has any members had any luck ordering one of these yet. i got the cold shoulder wherever i went and i have been trying since early this morning

store.apple.com/ca/browse/home/s … ily/iphone


I got one.

Mig you’ll be disappointed but I couldn’t wait 3 weeks for them to ship me my unlocked one.

I have it, I love it. Now I can sleep again at night.

Put it in airplane mode if you’re going to sleep with it :smile: 

Seriously, turn off the radios if it’s going to be near you when you’re sleeping.

Why’s that?

Well, you don’t want it to be transmitting near your head for 8 or 9 hours.  Not that it would be much, just a bit of wifi and 3G traffic, but still.  You don’t want all that crap by your head.  

I use my phone as an alarm, but I always turn on airplane mode before I go to sleep.  

It also stops twitter and random soccer-related text messages from my brothers from waking me up in the middle of the night.

I’m gonna have a huge brain tumor anyways thanks to two years of the Blackberry 8330. Iphone is nothing compared to that one.

I was taking pictures with the film still over the I4’s camera lens and it still looked better than the BB. Not that its a surprise.

I went for a run this morning and there were people sleeping in front of the Rogers store…too funny.

Did you order one from Apple MiG?  Are you going to trim your own SIM card?

Didn’t order one yet. 

Telus will just give you a micro-SIM card to replace a normal one. 

But if you want to use a Speakout one, yeah, you’ll need to trim it.  I think you can get an adapter kit so you can swap back and forth to normal-sized SIMs as well.

where did you get yours?

i have to wait until next week

How is the wireless data speed in Prince Rupert?  When I looked into the previous iPhone quite a while back, the wireless data connection in town was not up to par with most places so I didn’t get one at the time.

This is my understanding: Both Telus and Bell share a 3G network in Rupert.

Rogers has Edge service, which is slower.  Rogers seems to have better coverage, but it really might depend on where you are in Rupert.

Next time I’m in Rupert, I’ll do a speedtest with both Rogers and Telus to compare.

Here’s the speed in Terrace:

So I avoided getting an iPhone the last time around because of concerns about poor wireless connectivity in Prince Rupert, and the perceived lack of value of the high priced monthly plans.

Now if the data connection speed issue has improved, there is still a dilemma in choosing a carrier, based on the companies’ track records dealing with the public more than anything else.

Rogers has a long history of treating their customers atrociously.  Locking people into contracts without telling them.  Charging high termination fees when people cancel their service, again without notifying the customer that he was on a contract.  Generally treating their customers like crap.

Bell has a long history of much the same sort of behaviour, although not quite as egregious as Rogers.

As for Telus I try to deal with them as little as possible.  Again there are billing issues.  The only connection I have with them now is my Telus calling card, and they did screw me over one time on a billing issue for that one.

The bottom line is that all of these companies, Rogers more than the others, abuse their consumers.  A quick internet search will reveal countless people who feel that they have been ripped off by Rogers and the other carriers.

If there is a way to get an iPhone 4 that works in Prince Rupert, with good connection speed to browse the net over the phone (not just via a wireless router), and dealing with a customer service/billing department that does not abuse their customers, please let me know how.

=D I live in Grande Prairie. Sorry.

Get one from Apple, unlocked, and use it on any carrier you want.  Even works on pay-as-you-go, so you don’t need contracts.  If you use Speakout, then you won’t even have to give them your name.

Also, I’ve never heard of someone being on a contract without knowing it.  Don’t they read stuff before they sign?  If there’s no signature, there’s no contract. 

Sure, there are shady salespeople (how can you tell when a salesperson is lying?  his lips are moving), but ultimately if you sign a contract without reading it who is responsible? 

You can’t “put someone on a contract” without them knowing it – that would be an easy court case to win, don’t you think?

I’m putting a contract on you.  :imp:

Speaking of contracts, screenshot of my iPhone 3GS with iOS 4.01 from Telus, now running on 7-11 Speakout:

Also, if you visit HTMF with an iPhone or iPod Touch, you’ll get a different iPhone-ish theme: