iPhone 4 in Prince Rupert

Does anyone have an iPhone 4 in Rupert and does it get signal all over town including data? When I look at the Rogers network coverage area map it looks as though only Ridley Island gets service around here. Also if you do get service, are there any of the new iPhone 4 features that don’t work here? Just getting sick of waiting for Citytel to get with the times so I’m thinking of switching.

You can use an iPhone 4 from Rogers, Telus or Bell.

Ask for a Port Edward number. Rogers will give you a 250-600-xxxx number, Telus and Bell will give you a 778-884-xxxx number. Both are local to the Prince Rupert area.

Rogers has better coverage, but their internet data is much slower than Bell and Telus, though it is just fine for e-mail and web-surfing. I think all three have pretty decent coverage all the same. Bell and Telus share a network.

Rogers: Better coverage, slower internet access, 250-600-xxxx number (can buy at Eastwind)
Telus and Bell: Faster internet access, coverage not as good as Rogers, 778-884-xxxx number. No local retail outlet (have to buy in Terrace or Vancouver)

Me, I bought my phone from Apple, and I have tried it with Telus, Rogers, and 7-11 Speakout in Prince Rupert. All work just fine.

Mig, I thought I saw a bunch of phones from Bell @ The Source. Am I wrong?

Also, I think Rogers is improving their internet speed as they just put up some new stuff on there tower at Fairview.

My information is from a week ago :smile: Rogers still only had Edge networking, while Telus has HSPA.

I didn’t go to the source – they may indeed be selling the Bell iPhone. Can anybody confirm?

Looks like it.

thesource.ca/estore/product. … ct=1716058

But out of stock


They have 2 of the 16GB ones according to their website:

thesource.ca/estore/product. … ct=1716056

I got my iphone 4 from apple direct as well. i think my name is still on the list at eastwind for a 32gb
i went with rogers myself. i am not a heavy data user myself. the only think that is not good on the data is watching youtube
but how often do you do that?

as for coverage it is perfect all over rupert. i have not found any bad spots

and as for the stuff they did at fairview. from what i understand that was protection they put up due to the recent storm

Well at Fairview they were large long panels like the ones on the top of this tower in this picture.