Internet speed

Just got cable internet. Very happy with the speed.


I think you should test using a server outside Rupert…

Quite the difference in different mileage isn’t it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ha-ha, my speed outside of Rupert blows.  :smiley:

and heading out of town

Welcome to HTMF, agentofkaos!  :sunglasses:

Very nice.  :sunglasses:

Upgraded to Telus high speed a couple of weeks ago, can certainly notice the difference.

Even fast in the morning ts great


Hey a new preferred server popped up in Grand Prairie!

Very nice, Stardog Champion.  :sunglasses:

And yet look at the rating they get–only 3.5 out of five stars!  Maybe I should try out Fiber to the Home and see how fast that is!  :smiley:

You must have excellent video streaming with no lag at all.  My connection is acceptable when there isn’t too much of a load on the CityWest server.