Internet speed bad

Hi all just wondering what is the internet like around town tonight I noticed since last night my speeds are sucking I’m on a 20 meg connection thanks all.

My internet speed sucks the big one too.

Must be all those X box one and PS4 updates everyone got for X mass?? More tablets now in town too…

I don’t believe it is going to get any better either… I wonder if the Quantum 30-50 Mbps users are getting just that, 30-50 Mbps? Do they have any recourse if they do not get at least 30 Mbps?

I have been getting bad speeds the last few days also. I am on Quantum 20.

Seems Ok

My speed is about normal for Quantum 20.

Edit: Added later. For those of you on Quantum 50 did you need to get a new cable modem or did they just turn up the speed? Is 50 worth the extra coin?

My wireless is a bit faster than my wired connection this morning. This is wireless on Quantum 20.

The real problem was last evening from 6:00 pm to midnight, December 29th.

This was at its worst…

I can get my paid 15 Mpbs in the morning now.


Whoa, that is nasty! I was not online much last night. I wonder if that was a partial outage?!

im good now, i had a bad cable is all changed it out and all is good…

Much Better :smile:

don’t just check your speeds locally if your gaming check speeds to chicago for that is where most game servers are, and also to Vancouver, for locally it might be quick but getting out of the area might be slow