Internet slow down- fiber cut in landslide

Our Internet connectivity is slowing down due to a fiber cut in the landslide down South.

Fiber cut due to landslide

Is the weather bad in Rupert these days? Any flooding happening around the North Coast?

The flooding situation in town depends on where you live. My neighbor next door recently had a meter of water in his basement. There is a large storm system coming in tonight with winds projected to be 110 km/hour. We may have some wind damage in town.

11/22/2021 1 PM PST Technicians in the area have not been granted site access at this time. Repairs to infrastructure across southern BC are ongoing and no one has been able to access the slide site until other repairs have been completed.

11/23/2021 4 PM PST Infrastructure repairs are ongoing, but the process has slowed due to poor weather conditions.

Chuckling quietly at the entire original concept of “internet” relying on a single fibre…

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Exactly! Everyone knows the Internet runs on tubes. You need to change them occasionally.

11/25/2021 9 AM PST Railroad and infrastructure repairs will continue today.
11/24/2021 3 PM PST Railroad repairs are underway and nearing completion. We have still not been given a timeline for the fibre repair.

11/26/2021 3 PM PST Field teams have identified 3 major areas of damage. They are still working on safely gaining access to begin repairs.

Have got calls from WISP customers thinking their computer is the problem. It’s run by CityWest.
Only thing I’ve noticed on Telus is the odd delay as it finds a route to some websites. Then it loads just fine. HTMF took over a minute to come up.

11/29/2021 9 AM PST Railroad and infrastructure repairs are ongoing.

They’re going to be losing a lot of customers over this. I’ve been on a TELUS SmartHUB for past two weeks, and cut off CityWest completely. Not having a proper redundant link is ridiculous. They need a better source of funding other than Government grants to keep their sinking ship afloat.

Not really. As a Rupert resident I have no where else to go. There’s no competition allowed in this town.

11/30/2021 8:30 AM PST Railroad and infrastructure repairs are ongoing.

That’s regulated by the CRTC. Prohibiting competition is against CRTC regulations, and TELUS Mobility wouldn’t be a thing in PR if that was the case. There are SmartHUB options available if the address doesn’t quality for VDSL.

Oh FFS the CRTC is as worthless as shit. They’re gonna approve the Rogers-Shaw merger just watch.
The Chairman’s not gonna miss out on those champagne and lobster lunches with the Telco CEOs.
And the so-called “Competition” bullshit always always turns out to be a race for which company can raise rates faster.
People seem to think if there’s a choice, they’ll just switch to the other BLINK! Guess what you signed a contract and if you do, they’ll come after you for the remainder of the contract. If you don’t pay up, your credit’s destroyed and the other ISPs tell you where you can stick it too,

I’ve always made it a personal policy to never sign contracts. Doesn’t matter if it was TELUS or Shaw. Sure, I may end up paying more monthly, but I have the freedom to switch between providers without recourse.

It is fashionable to slam our local ISP; I’m guilty of that. I’ve been with CityWest for a long time. I don’t know if what I’m paying is a lot. One thing that I do like about CityWest is that I don’t have a data cap on my current plan. That’s very helpful. Back on topic.

11/30/2021 3 PM PST Restoration efforts are still underway. Due to risk of rock and mudslides the field teams have been called back temporarily.

|12/01/2021|3 PM PST|Field teams have advised that repairs have been completed and tested on several damaged segments of fibre.

There is one more damaged area to be repaired before services are fully restored. The last segment will take longer to access.

CityWest bought out the local WISP (my old one), they’re currently the best “deal”. $50 for 20Mbs no cap. Telus DSL 15Mbs $75, no cap $10 extra. Cable 20Mbs for $80 & there is a cap.
Of course 90% of people insist they got way better prices but never saw that “for the first 3 months on a two year contract” on the next line and are SHOCKED when it eventually goes up…
had a guy insist Telus gave him 100Mb service for $15 a month 10 years ago. And that was a different guy than the one with a scrotum on his elbow.