Internet problems

is anyone having problems with connections? I can only reach here and a few other sites, I reset all my hardware but still having problems…Im on east side

I’m okay in the Pineridge area.  Still bad connectivity, astro?

ya comes and goes I have to refresh often, its all my comps in the house all on different IP’S weird :confused: 

No problems here. What kind of router? What are you using for DNS servers?

I’m thinking its a citywest issue as it still going on and on, the 3 ip’s and 5 comps are all effected. I’m  Going to phone citywest to reset on their end. I hope they are in tomorrow… other wise its going to be a long long weekend…

Sometimes it will help to re-start your DSL modem.  But, yeah it can’t hurt to phone up CityWest. 

Yeah, don’t hold your breath that someone will be in tomorrow!

Btw, I don’t live far from you Astro and my internet works intermittently…it took two tries to post this message.

It seems like it’s always a CityWest problem…I love watching when my husband has to call tech support and they have to go through their standard list of questions - and he just sits there watching tv while on the phone mumbling “did that, did that, yep, did that - seriously, it’s a problem on your end” - usually in 20 minutes they finally get to “sorry dude, that’s a problem on our end”.  :unamused:

We’re on the east side also - haven’t noticed any issues here last night/this morning…although now that I’ve posted it I probably will - heh.

i have a torrent that was downloading at 100 kb/s its now at 1 to 23 kb/s and it has lots of seeds and peers, right at this moment it shot up to 35 kb/s download and upload is at 90 kb/s.

I have restarted everything numerous times, every 6 to 8 months they at citywest have to reset on their end. 

well after 12 hrs or so of bad connection, everything is fine. when I made the above post. I was watching my torrent speed and boom it shot up to and has dropped a few times but not like yesterday and today.

I didn’t reset modem or anything this morning. So that leads me to think it was a citywest thing. I’m all good…

Good to hear you’re up and running, again, astro:-)

Are your torrents encrypted-only? If not, the ISPs of your peers (or Citywest) can be poisoning the connection. Standard operating procedure in most of the American ISPs.

Otherwise, what DNS servers are you using? What kind of router?  Does it have a fix for the DNS security hole?

thanks Hans, yes its encrypted, as for the gear its all good. Thanks