Internet problems

Is anyone else in town having problems with the internet all my computers in the house seem to be having conections problems, all modems, routers and switchs have been reset, but my pages wont load until I have hit the refresh icon, does not matter if its exporer or firefox…

Ditto, I have the same problem.

I did have that problem last Wednesday until CityWest replaced a defective router.  Have you folks tried phoning CityWest and reporting the problem?  Good luck.  I also hate it when I can’t load pages. :imp:

I was having problems with certain web pages not loading while others loaded without any problem.  I decided to go down to Citywest (coz theres no point phoning…just get put on hold) and asked.  They said that they changed some hardware and that it was probably a DNS problem and gave me new DNS numbers.  I changed them and now everything is now working fine. The old DNS numbers were something like and  They dont work properly anymore.

The new DNS numbers are:
Preferred DNS -
Alternate DNS -

gj hoser, worked like a charm.

same here thanks guys

Geez I hate to be picky, but if CityWest is having such rather serious problems with their internet service, shouldn’t they actually let the customers (and shareholders as it turns out) know about these things.

I mean if changing DNS numbers is the real fix, shouldn’t they let the sheep know that they have to change a few things in the pasture…

Or have I got this customer service thing all wrong?

Mig should be charging CityWest a service call fee, since the htmf board is providing more information that the actual service provider.

Actually, Citywest came and fixed my line today.  Thanks!  It was shorting out or something.

Anyway, I’ve been using opendns settings for a bit, and it seems pretty good:

Thats what I was thinking as I walked out of Citywest with a handout (yes, a handout, with all the information needed to changed the DNS numbers), a mass email to all Citywest customers…informing people of the changes.  Such a simple concept that would’ve made my life easier.  I wonder if they even have the ability to send emails  :-P  

oh, and the handout is dated JUNE 2007…go figure.  No wonder people are pissed at them all the time.  I used to be a supporter of Shittywest…but that is fading quickly…I can’t wait for competition and choices.

I just checked and my DNS numbers were already set to those.  I can’t remember the last time I ever changed them… sooooo do they change on their own or what??

Why are you guys setting your DNS, do they use static IPs?
You also revealed the problem by mentioning That’s WestTel/Navigata/SaskTel DNS. No friggin wonder there’s problems if they serve up the pipe. Don’t even get me started on those guys.
I also had a huge mailserver problem (on another thread) that traced back to Telus’s shitty auto-DNS for their DSL service. Cured it by writing a script that changed it to pico and nano their data-line DNSs.
Anybody in Terrace on Telus lines can get a boost changing your DNS to and 10-20ms pings instead of 50-1000 ms with the hsia generated numbers.

they don’t change on their own that is my DNS numbers as well you have to manually change them

If they don’t change on their own, then those numbers can’t be new.  It had to be over a year since I last messed around with any of the internet settings.

They’re not new, they’ve been the standard Citywest numbers for a long time.

on I see some have telus as the isp and others have citywest… any difference? are some on the old lines and others on the new? is there a difference in speeds from old to new wires? i’m on standard dsl and my average download is 50kb/s.  at my old place that I just moved out of I had standard dsl there also and my average download speed was 250kb/s, I called and they said it was only cause I lived so far away that my speeds were so low.  how ever I live closer to them now then I did before and my speeds were better.  when I mentioned this to them they said it was most likely an older house with older wires causing the speed difference.