Internet Help Fast!

Alright… so after formatting and getting all my securities and junk back onto my computer it is time to connect to the internet.

Here’s the deal:

I’m connected to a HUB which is connected to a CABLE MODEM and then the INTERNET… there’s 2 other computer connected to this HUB…

So I’m trying to get on the internet, so I’ve been messin’ around with the Network Wizard and Internet Wizard and piss, but nothing is working.

I’m told by the douche that sits across from me that I don’t need the IP or anything like that to get connected, that it’ll do it all automatically… well, so far nothing is happening automatically.

Anybody know what I am supposed to do to get hooked up?

WHo is your internet service Provider ? telus. ? Shaw. ?


ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

humm how many computers 3 well you cant have them all on at the same time only 2 turn one of them off. unless your behind a router. then you can have more…

if you’re going to lan it up, and dont have a router, look into bridging the connections on another computer. i dont remember if that takes 2 network cards thuogh. but that might be a quick fix. for a permanent fix, it is really gay and not fixy at all.

Next time you have a problem I will have an online solution. I’m about 1/2 way through writing:

Basil Fawlty’s Help Desk.

Are you from Barcelona?


I was connected to the Internet as of Yesterday Morning through an independant connection, where my Network Cable runs upstairs into the Router or Modem or whatever it is… so there’s no “Only 2 computers can run at once” bull tootie because we have 4 computers running at once, one of which is on a Wireless router or hub or whatever…

Bridging is not necessary…

And I don’t even know what popnecker is speaking…

YOu didn’t tell use you did or didn’t have a router you pecker head… how can we help you with little detail’s…

If you go into system properties then device manager do you see that the network card is installed. ?

Did u ever get connected?

If you had 3 or 4 computers, you were connected to a router. The other ones can surf, yes?
Go to start-run type CMD for a command prompt
ipconfig [enter] will tell you what ip the router gave you.
if it’s or it’s stuck
type ipconfig /release [enter] to let it go
then type ipconfig /renew[enter] to pick it up properly.
type ipconfig [enter] again and your router should heve given you
an address like
if it did, you just need to tell Explorer tools-internet propertiess-connections to never dial and (LAN SSETTINGS) auto detect.
Usually you need to do this before NEtscape, Mozilla or Opera will work, it’s got to figure out the proxy settings. the router does the rest.

If it doesn’t pick up its 192 address & you’re using a network cable, check it isn’t a crossover & your NIC is enabled.
If you have a wireless card, scream for Jason he knows a few trix. If you need wireless drivers I can supply them

i was going to type that all out too… but i decieded to wait… id also see if the network card is actually installed : O )

I just wiped a guys drive on Sat and upgraded him to XP home. I got my disk from MSoft w all the Windows updates (well all as of Feb 28) and ran it, and next boot the modem and NIC were gone. If I put them back in from OEM CD, they got erased on reboot. Then I rolled back driver thru XP and they stayed. Nutz.

oh well it still beats 98.

So did ya buy the dual G4?

NO im still lookin on ebay… im looking for a dual g4 500mhz for my server… then ill buy copy of Panther server and run my webserver / mail server / file server…

I heard theres a dual 350 at the Bailiff in PG. no idea what kinda shape or if its still there…

dual started at 400 : O)

figures. the dude lied to all his customers, no doubt he lieds to the bailiff too :imp:

Turns out I didn’t do anything…

I clicked “Install and New Client” and then I had to reboot… then I rebooted and all of a sudden I have the Intranet…

So I don’t even know!

[quote=“Charles_T”]Turns out I didn’t do anything…

I clicked “Install and New Client” and then I had to reboot… then I rebooted and all of a sudden I have the Intranet…

So I don’t even know![/quote]

Restart the computer? Isn’t that the first thing they suggest when calling tech support?

Instead of telling you to restart, did they slip and call you a retard?