Internet explorer problems

I was wondering if any of u can help me with my problem? When I click on the internet explorer it tells me to please check your content advisor settings for missing information then it tells me how to do it so i do but it only works with that one page. if i close the page i have to do it again.
Please Help Me!

This should answer all of your questions:

[quote=“dylan”]This should answer all of your questions:[/quote]


Phone Bill Gates at home, preferably at 3:00 Sunday morning and ask. We’d all like to know how they could make a POS like IE.

Get Firefox
NOW! 8)

I downloaded firefox and its working great. thanks for the awesome advice

You know what I hate? People/businesses/companies that are too lazy to make their webpages viewable through anything else but Internet Explorer!

Now I see Internet Explorer like your d/p there. It can only get worse.

just get bloody mozilla.

Wow, firefox is mozilla , smart. It’s not your fault though, I dont think that you learn things like that until like grade five.