Internet Down

Good thing I finished the internet last week, cause it is down. Thank god for old htmf to pass the time while it comes back online.

Routing problem from the looks of it. Data is getting out but not getting back in. I can hit some sites but not others…

What a bitch, I just finished fucking around with the computer and I was wondering what the fuck was going on…

Okay this is weird, I don’t know what went on with this, but my internet on my laptop is down at while my sister’s computer still had internet and MSN, about 5 minutes after that her internet went down as well. We’re also both running our internet off of the same hub… weird I know.

Everything has been working fine for me, but I can’t check my hotmail account.

I was trying to access HTMF at about 7:30 this morning (3:30 PM PDT) and I couldn’t connect. Firefox would try to get the site for about a minute before finally saying “Document contains no data.”

You finished the Internet? I thought it was Al Gore who did that! :wink:

The great thing about HTMF being hosted at my place is that when Citytel’s connection to the outside world isn’t working, HTMF still works. But then anybody outside Rupert can’t connect.

I was working on some network stuff at work when these problems kicked in. Man, I thought for sure I had put the Internet in the recycle bin. I thought I’d have to call tech support and ask them to put it back on the desktop.

Usually when the internet is down you can still get to the citytel webpage.

They should post something there sayin how long its going to be down

hmm… my internets been fine. all my games seem to be running at a exceptional ping.

Here are some more bullshit with the internet.
Does anyone here have a yahoo account. For dial-up (fuck) it takes almost a fucken minute to get to my main in fucken box! I keep my pc clean all the time, spyware shit and viruses, is there anyone else haveing this same problem. Mine O fucken cures almost every week.

Seems kinda funky after my pc come back from da shop! :imp:

And one more thing. My incoming mail from citytel takes fucken long.
its at recieving at %100 per about a fucken half and fucken hour.

I never used some much fuck words in my life. Fuck. :open_mouth:

solution… dont use yahoo… its sucks anyway, try gaim messenger. It includes protocols for icq, aim, msn, yahoo, jabber, napster, gadu, irc, silc. and all in one messenger program.

What does a cue ball and an illegal alien have in common?

The harder you hit it, the more English you get.

Funny, Eso you just made my afternoon. Good stuff.