Internet connections

Just wondering if anyone else had problems with their connection today around 3 pm, I didn’t get my connection back until 340 or so…

Yeah, me too.  The Interwebz is awful today.

Well I’m glad I’m not alone there, but not quite so amused at the level of service from my Internet provider :imp:

A bit slow today here too.

And as usual I was in the middle of a poker game.  Bad enough when you lose from the cards.  The risk of losing this way of course is offset by my online poker face.  If I were playing live, I may as well play with the cards face up.

Yeah I just got mine back fifteen min. ago, I almost felt lost without you D.White.

Ha-ha, I feel your pain.  :smiley:  Mine just came back…the connection is bad today.  :imp:

My own mini speedtest is running 8904 5292
the grand prairie running ~4200 5200
Gonna call my office and bitch to the answering machine.  :smiley:

Can’t wait until I get my 30/30 line in…

How reliable do you think this place is, I ran it once, then the second time my numbers doubled.

Talked to Keith at CityWest and he said they had a core catch fire. I just shut everything down for the rest of the day and did other stuff. Most of you seem to have a hard core addiction to the net.  :smiley:

Hey, I resemble that remark.  :smiley:

I get at least 3 calls a week with questions like "At 3:30 am Sunday morning the Vancouver Sun page was slow coming up, what was wrong with your fucking internet?"
And there’s a mill tech I swear spends 24/7 watching a screen ping. Called over and over about ‘dropped ping problems’ till I went to the mill and he was pinging
Now he’s got this thing about ‘jitter’…
And a college instructor who -no shit- thought everything on the Internet was on “my server”. Told him that everything else works, so the College’s e-mail server must be down and sure enough he called Prince George right in front of me and that’s what they told him. Gave the sourest look when he couldn’t prove that I was the friggin’ half-wit.
I put the mini speedtest on an internal server to show the system speed as external speedtests are so unreliable. Five minutes after I got that 4200/5200 Grand Prairie reading I got 9800/5800. They’re TOOLS. If you want to ‘prove’ how shitty your service is you don’t have to, you’ve already convinced yourself beforehand!


Get this Jase:
he shows me a screenshot full of 2ms pings and points out three in a row that were 11ms.
"This amount of jitter is unacceptable!"
Told him to switch to fucking satellite!  :smiley:

yeah i know what it is like, i had a customer calle me every day and say, i heard i should do this or i should do that etc etc. Every day she would call and say "Is it good to defrag my hard drive today ? "
She called every day, it was annoying.

Heh-heh  :smiley: