Internet a lil wacky?

I can’t access many sites outside of town other than google…

odd ?

other sites availible include


Damn crap citytel crap.

Ten bucks they do it on purpose just to see us get pissed off.

Ok you’re stupid. When the internet goes down it’s like always always an external problem, as in a Telus problem, not CityTel. You’re stupid.

Sounds like its teless again.

Hey shut up just because I dont know one bloody fact about freaking citytel or what ever doesnt make me stupied!

No, but it does show how thick headed you are when you have no direct understanding of what is going on but are confident enough to say stuff like “damn crap citytel.”

And I can add to the list of sites you can access:

But you can’t spell stupid right ? Oh well one step at a time chap :smile:

[quote]And I can add to the list of sites you can access:[/quote]

Pot tv times out for me :confused:

How 'bout:

Score! Internet is back on.

works just fine :smile:

go forth and fine more sites to access

spaceball song plays

edit - or not :smiley:

Ooooh! look at all the places I can go and no one to stop me, muuuuiahahahahahahaha!