Intermittent Internet Connection?

My internet connection keeps dropping off for a few minutes randomly, for no apparent reason.  I have spoken with the tech at shittywest and he saw no problem with my connection on their end.  When it happens, all computers in the house lose the connection for a few minutes and I have no idea why.  The little icon in the system tray loses the little earth icon that sits on the two computers and it goes from local and internet to local only.  I have shittywest cable internet running wifi with two laptops (wifi) and one hardwired desktop with two running vista and one running xp. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  :neutral_face:

btw, it happened again while waiting to send this…lasted approximately 1 minute.

Mine does the same thing. The tech’s at citywest said it couldn’t be the internet connection, it had to be the router from my end… :unamused:

I’ve had two different wireless routers…
Both did the same thing. It’s rather annoying.

It happens to us too, and to friends of mine they have gone threw like 3 of citywest routers… we all run on citywest internet, seems to be the common denominator… hmmmmm … so it seems we have to put up with it (until a worthy competitor comes along) and no your not alone… and sorry we can’t help.

I pay for full DSL and this kind of thing was happening to me. Apparently I live on the edge of how far DSL is capable of transmitting. Ultimately they had to slow down my connection a bit for it to stabalize. So I pay for the full connection and get something less. I’d switch to cable, which doesn’t have the same distance limitations, but frankly I’m afraid I’ll end up with something worse and will be unable to go back.

You’d think it would be citywest but from the descriptions you’re all likely wrong :wink:

Unless microsoft has changed something ‘local only’ is what happens when your computer loses its IP address and cannot properly renew it. Try setting a static IP address for your network adapter and see if it still goes to ‘local only’.  If it doesnt then your problem is a lousy wireless connection.

I’m also going to assume wireless is a common denominator not just citytel? :wink:

Would the wireless router affect the computer it’s hard wired to? That’s the computer we have the most problems with. My laptop never has issues, my dad’s laptop tells me that DNS cannot resolve the host name but only once and a while, and the desktop computer cuts in and out all of the time.

Both laptops use wireless. Mine is XP, dad’s is Vista.

Sometimes the “Internet Control and Gateway Client” in WindowsXP can cause problems with wireless routers.

The other thing that I see often is the router(yours) is damaged from power outages. The power in Rupert is horrible.

In many instances it could be the line running from the power pole outside your house, to your house. The copper cores break down and crack which can cause disconnects. Just because Citywest says they don’t see a problem on their end - doesn’t mean there isn’t one on their end.

Replace wireless router (borrow one) and try again. Doesn’t work>Call Citywest and request a line check on your phone line. Doesn’t help/work> Call a tech shop and have your computer/wireless router checked.

happened to me to, I had the wrong power supply hooked up to it

I had the same problem in my place, I have two towers hooked up to the router and one laptop and all weekend it kept cutting out, i’d get disconnected from msn, or kicked from servers in game.
I couldn’t figure it out so I checked all the phone lines in the house and as it turns out, one of the beds couldn’t be pushed right up against the wall with the filter plugged in to the phone line so they removed it.
so every time the phone rang or someting picked up to make a call my connection would drop then come back and drop and so an and yeah put the filter back in and it hasn’t happened since.

I used to live on 11th close to mc donalds and we’d have really horrible service all the time paying for the full dsl and getting 14kb/s download 0.01kb/s upload, i’d call and complain and city west told me I lived too far away from their server to get a good connection.

now I live further away closer to the seaplane base and my connection is a lot faster then it was when I lived closer to city west.  one thing you can try is check for those damn filters, make sure you have one in every phone jack you’re using.

also check to make sure you have your wireless set up with a password, and theres only people in your house using it.  when I bought a new wireless router last year I didn’t bother setting it up correctly and when I checked it a week or two later I had six other people using my connection.

nothing worse then people moochin your net causing your slower the normal speeds and random disconnects.

Yes it would affect wired machines as well.  Plug your dads computer directly into the modem and see if it still has an issue.