Interesting article on cell phones in Canada, especially the iPhone … 77&k=39549

Well, if an update will break all the hacks, I just won’t update until the hacks work again :wink:

It’s lawyer-talk anyway.  Apple needs to be seen by AT&T as “fighting the hackers” while not really doing much about it. 

Sort of like the “copy protection” on iPods.  It’s a hidden folder.  This is more FUD.

Honestly, I use my iPhone every day, and for pretty much everything except the phone.  Who calls people anymore anyway ?  :wink:

Here’s a photo I took today with the iPhone (which automagically uploads it to Flickr):

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

I like your sophisticated door holder opener.

MiG, I saw this story at slashdot.  The latest apple update is
disabling modified iphones.

Yeah, sounds like what sony kept doing to the PSP.  Give it a week and the hackers will have it open again.  Until then, no update :wink:

This graphic from the wired gadget blog sums why you don’t want to update your iPhone:

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

I hope a patch is available for you soon. :smile:

I wonder what is going to happen to all the iphones if they start using PUSH to update them, then your screwed, because the update will come no matter what. I’m surprised that they are not using it in the first place.

No way they’d push an over-the-air firmware update, especially to the radio firmware.

One bad bit and the phone would be toast, then they’d be on the hook for all the phones (hacked or not) that they’d screw up.

It’s the same reason you don’t want to update firmware on devices over a wireless network.

photo of T-Mobile Kiosk Boasting that they unlock iPhones!

Here ya go mig, … 1191600464

Crazy stuff.  Why would anybody do that when they can just get one and put a pay-as-you-go plan on it?

Cellular contracts suck.

If they do indeed charge $799 in Canada, is there anything stopping people from just buying one from the US? All they would have to do is pop a Rogers SIM in it right?

You can do that now.

They won’t charge $799 in Canada – if they do, nobody will buy it.  Why would you pay almost twice as much, for the pleasure of being locked into a contract?  nuts.

You can buy one from the stats, but it is hard to get unlocked especially because of the new update that was just released.

You can buy one from the stats, but it is hard to get unlocked especially because of the new update that was just released.[/quote]

Yes but we’re talking about when Rogers starts selling them. There would be no reason to unlock it to use it, only to get access to the third party stuff. (Which is a damn good reason to unlock it.)

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they figure out how to change the firmware in the modem so the unlocks will work again.

Unlock and 3rd Party Apps are two different things.  Unlock is for the phone, and “jailbreak” is for installing apps.  The apps bit is a lot easier to do than the unlock.

If you have the 1.0.2 firmware, then one of the apps you can install is called “anysim” which makes the unlock easy as clicking a button.

On the new firmware (1.1.1), there’s no unlock yet, but the “jailbreak” for 3rd-party apps is just around the corner, I’m guessing.  There’s also a “downgrader” to make your 1.1.1 phone into a 1.0.2 firmware phone.

Here’s a “jailbreak” for the latest firmware: … jailbreak/

That should work on the new iPod Touch as well.