Interested in completing English courses from home?

Northwest Community College is offering students the opportunity to complete English courses from the comfort of their home computer. Your instructor will combine an online web page, a class blog, and email with telephone tutoring to provide you with the support and feedback to complete the courses you need. You can also welcome to come in to campus and meet your instructor in person. You will need to come in for one information session, and will need to come in for taking tests and exams in person, but at a time convenient for you.

The remote student option is intended to provide support for learners unable to come during the daytime and evenings because of family and work commitments, but who is highly motivated to complete their Adult Dogwood or course prerequisites to enter College programs.

For more information about this option, please contact the instructor, Glenn Groulx, at 1-877-277-2288 extension 5713 or email me at