Intense meteor shower to peak this weekend

Clear skies here for this show! The last big celestial event I was able to see in Prince Rupert was the Hale-Bopp comet.

CBC News

Canadians willing to brave the cold and lucky enough to get a break in the clouds could be treated to a spectacular meteor shower Sunday.

NASA’s all-sky camera at the Marshall Space Flight Center captured a flurry of Geminid meteors in this long-exposure photo. The white curve in the middle of the picture represents the path of the moon in the sky. (NASA) The annual Geminid meteor shower is expected to reach its peak just after midnight ET on Sunday night. With the moon waning to a thin crescent at the same time, NASA says skygazers could see up to 140 meteors per hour.

“Watch the sky during the hours around local midnight. For North Americans, this means Sunday night to Monday morning,” said Bill Cooke of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office.

Saaaaaaaaaaweeeeeeeeet!!! I love that kinda stuff.  :sunglasses:

Not as awesome as the Norwegian sighting of the Russian missile test!

I think you had to climb Mt. Hays for that one.  :laughing: