Inside Digby Tower 2013

I’d like to say it was some sneaky, covert Urban Exploration thing, but in reality the construction workers left the door open a few days ago and I just snuck in out of curiosity.

First off, the place has obviously been ransacked many times. There is graffiti, punched walls, and broken glass all over the place on every floor. Firehose stations are smashed and the hoses are tossed about, and there is still furniture lying around everywhere. (I guess everyone left their TV’s behind?)

Anyway, I snapped some photos. These were all I could manage to upload from my crappy internet connection, I’ll post more later.

Gallery here:

Some more. Apologies for the repeat.

WOW !! Thanks for the memories, I was one of the 6 tenants left at the end of the Dingy Towers era, lived there for 8 years and actually liked it. I was the only one on my floor for the last couple of years. Management was always good to me, loved the views and my apt. was really cute ! Only problem I ever had were the high winds, windows blew in twice !! What are the plans for the building, heard rumors but you know how far that goes !!

A guy told me the other day 4 million in renovations are up n coming.


How many floors is the building?

11 floors of apartments, the locker level and of course, the lobby.