Incredible Driver

At approximately 7:30 this morning I witnessed a feat of incredible driving. A small grey/silver car sped around the corner from Sloan on to Summit barely missing two dogs in the intersection – by inches.

I’d like to thank you – they were my dogs. You might have noticed me…I was the guy in the bright fluorescent safety jacket and attached to the dogs with a short leash. So by missing my dogs by inches meant you missed me by mere feet. The area is, I believe a pedestrian crossing and we were over three quarters of the way across.

By the way…you might want to check out your headlights: obviously they are not working considering a person standing in their glare wearing a safety jacket was not visible. Strangely the driver going in the opposite direction had come to a full stop and waited for us to complete our crossing.

I am aware that adults, seniors and children who use that crossing are an inconvenience. Personally I don’t want to be responsible for a courteous driver being injured if they are rear ended while stopped for pedestrians….I have witnessed too many close calls at that corner. I’ll be going to a safer neighborhood for my morning dog walks…but the school students and others won’t.

Hope you made it to where ever you were going safely…because we very nearly didn’t.

To everyone else: 1) if you are a pedestrian wearing dark non-reflective clothing you are at greater risk during the winter months – please make sure you, and particularly children, have highly visible reflective strips on your clothing and take extra care during the dark winter months; 2) to drivers: we are now into a time of year when pedestrian / vehicular collisions spike – please be extra careful and courteous.

He could’ve got a ticket had the police seen it.

BTW, is the car similar to this one?

Don’t ever feel responsible or guilty because I stopped for you to cross. Only the careless and the reckless are the those responsible.

I’m sorry to hear about your close call, chien22! Like you I frequently enjoy walks in our fair city. I am surprised that we don’t have more pedestrian accidents. I am very wary crossing any street as motorists frequently won’t give the right of way.