Increased air connections could help deficit reduction

With Air Canada adding a flight to the daily roster, the city is hopeful that the increased passenger load will help to defray some of the one million dollars in losses the city suffers from running the airport ferry.

Mayor Herb Pond explained how the city had been lobbying hard for Air Canada to add the extra third flight in the high travel months that was recently added to the schedule. A prospect that should help the city work towards making the goal of one day having the airport become revenue neutral again.

With all the talk about transportation to and from the airport, the new general manager of Community Futures. Knut Bjorndal has weighed into the discussion, suggesting that the city work more closely with the local First Nations services to streamline transportation options for all in a more cost effective basis. With the two services losing a combined 2.5 million dollars, Bjorndal said he was willing to help develop a plan that might reduce the red ink of the operations.

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