Incompetent council and mayor

well the latest for our incompetent city hall, the recycle bins we just got, they claim they need training for them so they won’t be picking them up until January, meanwhile they are already filled, I wonder if that is really the reason, after all when we bring stuff to the recycling center we have to separate the plastic, cardboard and containers, they do not do it for you , so who is going to separate the material in the new blue recycling container we all got? bet you it will not be the recycling center.

also the lease for the old CN building, how much is it going to cost to fix it up? is the brewing company paying triple net, lease/property taxes/insurance? at council meeting the city said it didn’t know how much it will cost to fix it up, could it be a few million? so glad the mayor was happy to post how much the lease was.

maybe now they will post how much the lease to watson island the city is getting from legacy corp, our slush fund company, and also how much legacy corp re-leases it for to pembina, and how much property taxes we get for it? don’t forget triple net. oh and before you ask I did send a few emails to a few council members this question 4 months ago and heard nada back.

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Council beats to their own drum.

Making up stuff in secret meetings every week.

The real problem is that no one says anything. No one goes (or can go) to Council meetings. The Council does not listen to the public. There are some good people working for the City and on Council - but once they join in, they get sucked into the same old ways of other past Councils.

We all know the City is broke, but that is because they have way too many people working there. Over 300 I hear. Thats enough to run every city from here to Prince George. haha

Hopefully one day, someone will shine a ray of light on this and run for mayor or council. Stop all the lies. Question how they spend money and fix this broken ship.

So the city at the last council meeting said if ppl wanted the residential streets paved the neighbourhood should pay for 50% of it because the city has no money for that until 2030, here is what it will cost to fix the old CN building, $4 million dollars +. and then they go lease it to the brewer for only $52,000 a year, that would mean it would take 80 years to pay off the repairs, oh and rumour has it they will not have to pay for the water either. the city will say they are using a grant to repair the CN building, well how about using the grant for something else, like I don’t know , the new RCMP building we have to build. THe city still hasn’t said if the brewer will be paying taxes or insurance either, and of course nothing about Watson Island and legacy corp so far, so much for transparency, next time they bitch about how much the port pays them in taxes, maybe they should look in the mirror because they will not say how much property taxes we are getting for watson island, if we are getting any at all.

You have an incompetent Council? I gotta share my FB post with you then:

THE BEAR… yet again on Fir St. Ravages neighbourhood then drags garbage besides our house into the gully. We don’t use black garbage bags or dirty diapers, just have to clean up the mess in our yard and look at the mess in the neighbourhood.

This is why our dog (and yours) yaps and wakes us up. They’re trying to do their JOB - protect us.

BTW if you strap up the lid, the damn bear will try to drag the whole thing by the strap and then pull the lid open in the same spot.

3 years of this, you might understand why I get belligerent. At my age I’m supposed to yell at kids to “get off my l;awn”, not bears at 3 in the morning.

BTW I’m making a fake “Home & Garden - Fort St. James Edition” magazine cover to post next. The crack house on the corner’s still like that 3 days later.
This Fall’s Affordable Lawn Decor - pg 42