In the garden of the beasts

I would highly recommend ‘In The Garden Of The Beasts’ by Erik Larson.
A very readable account of the rise of Nazi Germany through the eyes of the
U.S. Ambassador to Germany William E. Dodd in 1933. It is a candid account of the
Politics and intrigue not only of Nazi Germany but also of the political situation in
The United States regarding Jewish Immigration.
Despite the subject of the book it is a very enjoyable read.
It is available at the PRPL 943.086 Lars

It was a good book.

Coincidentally, it was the September selection for the Prince Rupert library book club. I couldn’t make the meeting so I can’t tell you what was specifically discussed but the general consensus was that it was worth reading.

If anybody is interested, our November title is The Widower’s Tale by Julia Glass. I have finished reading it and its strength is the numerous characters and subplots while its weakness is the excessive amount of characters and subplots, if that makes any sense. I’d recommend it though. There are multiple copies in the library. Just ask at the front desk. We meet in the multipurpose room on Tuesday, Nov. 20.