Imperial Palace

So I heard something very interesting yesterday, apparently a grow op was found in the upstairs of the old Imperial Palace building. I took a drive by the place and went around the back. And sure enough there was a cop car sitting outside and the back door was wide open. There were generators outside and running too. The hydro to the place had been shut off. Anyone else hear anything of this?

Who owns the building

Yeah, I heard about this as well, drove past the back with a friend last night, there was a police pick-up and car there, saw a officer wearing a dust-mask as well leaving the building.

Yeah I heard it as well yesterday but did not wish to post it due to Prince rumors thing that keeps going on around town. One of my clients mentioned it to me, they have been doing Videos all around that area, looking for more action in the downtown area.

i remember back a few years ago when terry sold it there was asian’s in and out of it for awhile thought they were going to open it up again. LOL… never thought anything of it again…

I guess the RCMP and The Prosecutor now own it for awhile. But the has been some movement in and out of there. I will keep my ear open while out and about.

The police were also out at the old RCMP subdivision on 2nd Ave with the police dog the same day. Not sure if this was the building or the Skinlander. Lots of action though

Yeah, they hit the Old Subdivision which was sold to who ever. I believe this investigation will go further down the road. Yes it was a busy weekend for all.