IMac help

Well i have an imac and it has a dvd drive but i have no clue how to play it once its in haha… please help me

go to system preferences. Under hardware click on cds and dvds. the bottom line should read “when you insert a video dvd” select open dvd player. So, when you place a movie dvd in, dvd player will start.

haha i tried that and it isnt werking

Well, open dvd player after you placed the dvd movie in the drive. That should work. All you software is up-to-date?

Yeah, make sure you actually have a DVD player program (look in Applications).

How do you know that you have a dvd player ?

I went to the doctor to find out if I had one…

On another Mac note, it appears that an x86 version of OSX - Tiger has been released upon the net and is usable on a regular intel machine.

There is special way to install it, but for the most part it appears to be quite usable, but with some caveats regarding video cards/networking/sound and such but some have apparently got it all going. It seems to really depend on your hardware config on what will or will not work.

What its only been 2 months or so since apple announced their switch to intel and already there is a copy of OSX out there.

Hell it didnt take more than a few days for Windows new beta of Vista to be available for download.

I just looked at some instructions to do such a thing. Need an external USB drive. Can’t do it yet…