I'm looking for feedback on my photos

Hi all.

I know I keep posting messages asking people to look at my photoblog, but I’m really trying to get better at taking pictures.  And I’ve been adding lots of content recently. So I’m putting the address up once again: stardog-champion.blogspot.com

What I’d really like is for anyone with a good eye for photography to give me any suggestions they may have on how to make my photographs better.  Heck, even if you’ve never taken a picture in your life, but you see something I don’t, tell me.

Also, if anyone’s interested in putting a link from their blog to mine, I’d be more than happy to return the favour.

those are some pretty cool pics, i’ve always wanted to know how to take pics like the one’s you have from the bridge of traffic…i’d imagine the Olympus Camedia isn’t going to cut it?

You need a camera that lets you adjust the shutter speed.  These ones were taken with exposures between 6-10 seconds.

kewl pictures they are really pretty

Thanks.  The whole idea for the photoblog actually came from here.  I was telling a few stories about Japan and someone suggested that a photoblog might be cool.  I’d seen some really nice pictures taken by people in here (MiG, Orangetang and Dave, I think), and I decided to get back into photography myself.

I’m trying to mix it up between single photos for the photo’s sake and collections revolving around a particular topic.  That’s what today’s post is about actually.  Check it out if you have a minute.  And if you could leave a comment on the blog I’d really appreciate it.