Im looking for a projector

Im looking for a projector, anyone have one, im sick on using my little monitor for everything

Make one man… steal or buy one of those old overhead projectors and buyt he screen thingy. i’ll fins the link
100" screen for under $300

Or buy one.

I doubt it is something people would buy, toss it aside, and re sell it. Try again in 10 years.

you got burned buy agirl HAHAHA YU SUCK …

What really sucks is the fact, you really need to learn how to spell…

And i really dont think that was a burn, just saying that the technology is alot newer and wont be out for cheap yet.

$899 is so cheap. They used to cost over $5000 and I know of people that bought them to watch movies with several years ago. LCD projectors barely cost more than a 19" LCD display, and way less than a good projection or tube TV.

Here you go, Jesus.

That looks like a wicked idea, hey mig any over head projects at school that aren’t being used? :stuck_out_tongue:

Dunno dude, you’d have to ask an A/V prefect.